Why Luz Eterna is unique

Our Vision

Luz Eterna means "Eternal Light," and celebrates the tradition of the "veladas" or candle ceremonies that are practiced by the Mazatec mushroom curanderas of Oaxaca. It also refers to the en-"light"-ened state of being that sacred plants can help restore in our lives. Michael Polan's book, How to Change Your Mind, has reintroduced entheogenic plants and their healing properties to the main stream. However, these "medicines" have a long history of ceremonial use here in Mexico.


Many of us in modern society have lost our connection to the traditions and ceremonies that help us move forward in meaningful ways, heal from trauma and seal our bonds as human beings. We search for growth and healing, but find it difficult to break free from the patterns which hold us back.


Luz Eterna Retreats help to illuminate a new path to healing and growth. Our thoughtfully curated experiences offer sacred plant medicine ceremonies designed  to help heal past traumas, inspire personal growth, spark creativity and cultivate gratitude and connection. While ceremony is at the heart of our work, this is truly only the tip of the iceberg. Each retreat takes place in unique locations and provides participants with many tools for healing. Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, sound healing, ecstatic dance, integration circles and workshops, such as altar-building, allow guests to expand their wellness regimen.


We proudly honor the cultural roots that provide meaning and ritual to the healing process by offering the purification rituals of the sweatlodge or temezcal, excursions to sacred natural spaces and opportunities to explore the rich culinary and artistic heritage of Oaxaca.


Lastly, we are committed to offering healing in a safe, sustainable, supportive, diverse and judgement-free environment that fosters community and healing in all ways. Come experience the medicine that helps you explore and nourish the deepest parts of your body, mind and spirit.  Join us for a trip of a lifetime!