Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of sacred medicineceremonies?

Ritual and ceremony have played a major role in the evolution of
human kind. In modern society many of us only have the opportunity
to experience ceremony when there are weddings or funerals.
However, the act of marking significant events in our lives with
ceremony is an important act as we move through the phases of our
lives. Many ceremony participants describe their experiences as being
among the most significant spiritual experiences of their lives. Sitting
with a focused intention in a guided ceremony can be a profoundly
healing act that punctuates a time of change. Research by major
hospitals and institutions such as John’s Hopkins, New York
University and Imperial College of London are finally providing
empirical data to support the usefulness of psychedelic experiences
however, the power of using these naturally occuring plant medicines
is increased exponentially when administered in the time honored
ways of ceremony. Song, sacred fire, intention, prayer and ritual are
all important elements in our ceremonies. These sacred traditions are
part of who we are at our core and have been hard wired into our DNA
through the process of human evolution. The plants that we ingest
open the door but the ceremony that we create signals us walk
through to the other side.

Who can benefit from a plant medicine ceremony

Sacred medicine ceremonies are beneficial for anyone searching for
growth, meaning, healing, transformation and self discovering. Many
guest come who are seeking clarity on their path, parents seeking
meaning post childbirth, those of us who have experienced trauma,
people suffering from anxiety or depression or chronic illness, and
individuals seeking peace during end of life events are some of the
biggest reasons to work with sacred medicines. However, it is just as
beneficial for those of us seeking ways to inspire creativity or unlock
stifled potential. Plant medicines are for anyone who wants a more
rich, meaningful life and is willing to explore the depths of innerspace
to find the answers.

Are your services legal?

Yes. The use of sacred medicines in Mexico has been a part of
Mexican culture for so long that it's recognized by the government as
such. When used in a ceremonial way and administered by a
recognized healer the use of entheogenic medicines is permitted.

Are there any preparation or integration

1. Once you have completed the screening process including a
mental and physical health assessment, and reserved your
space with a paid deposit, we'll schedule a phone/video call to
discuss retreat preparation, any prior sacred medicine
experiences, your personal circumstances, expectations and
2. Once your full application is reviewed and approved preparation
guidelines and suggestions will be emailed to you.
3. During the retreat, you will participate in pre ceremony
preparation and post ceremony integration circles with our
professional sacred medicine leaders, and guides.
4. Two weeks post retreat you will have a follow up integration call
with your lead facilitator and have the option to participate in
continued social media community groups. On-going follow-up
integration is also available for those desiring further support.

How are the ceremonies during the retreat

The shaman-guided sacred medicine exploration takes place at
carefully selected ceremonial sites located in a natural setting. There
will be 3 medicine ceremonies total with each lasting between 4-6
hours. Most ceremonies are held at night, however there is a
possibility of a day ceremony depending on the retreat. Ceremonies
are held outside around a central fire. Mats and blankets are provided
for your comfort. Ceremonies are guided by your shaman and leaders
and include prayer, and music to guide paricipants through their
journeys. There is also a team of professional facilitators to attend to
you during your experience. At the end of each ceremony there is
dinner and time to share with each other before retiring to our cabins.
The following day there is a group integration circle and other

What dosage of sacred medicine will I be receiving
for my shaman-guided self-exploration?

Our group retreats generally have 3 sacred medicine ceremonies
allowing for step-dosing. Before each ceremony each participant will
discuss their dosage with the retreat leader. The decision is a team
approach with the shaman having the final say. For your reference the
“classic” dose is 2 grams while a “heroic” or “goddess” dose is 5
grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms.

Do you offer private retreats?

Yes. Individual sessions, as well as small, groups retreats can be
arranged. With smaller groups there is more flexiblity with types of
medicine, dosages, and locations. Small group retreats of up to 4
(maximum) participants can be arranged to Huatla de Jimenez, the
legendary home of Maria Sabina, to experience a traditional velada
ceremony with a Mazatec elder.

How do I get to the retreat/accommodations?

Ground transportation to and from the retreat center is provided in the
cost of your retreat. Depending on airport arrivals and departure times
group transportation can be organized separately.

Are the bathrooms shared? If so, between how
many guests?

Each retreat provides different accomodation options some with and
some without private bathroom. Both private and double occupancy
rooms with en-suite bathrooms are available, some with cabins also
have a sitting room with a fireplace. For more details by property
please see our Accommodations page.

Are my personal details private?

Yes. We believe in upholding the privacy of our guests. Your healing
journey is yours alone. Your name, and contact information will not be
shared outside of the group. The same applies to photos taken during the
retreat. Unless permission is expressly given, no photos of guests are

Why do you ask for an emergency contact?

This is standard procedure for any retreat. As with most tour
excursions, adventure activities, or sporting events, participants are
required to sign a waiver of liability and provide some personal
information including an emergency contact. Choose a person close to
you who is open-minded about psychedelics who knows you are
attending this retreat.

What is your reservation and cancellation policy?

To Reserve:
1. Reservations require a US $500 deposit per attendee to reserve
your place. All reservations are accepted pending review of a
completed Health Evaluation Form.
2. After your evaluation form and deposit are received and
reviewed we will schedule your Zoom call to review your details
and answer any questions you may have. Within 24 hours of
your call you will receive notification of acceptance via email.
3. Payments for your retreat are made in two installments with the
final balance due no later than four weeks prior to the start of
the retreat. If we do not receive payment for the remaining
balance by the due date you will forfeit your space on the
retreat, as well as, as a percentage of your retreat fee and
Due to the extremely limited spaces available for our retreats our
policy is strict. Please be read our policy carefully.
Refunds will be issued as follows:
1. In the event that your retreat application is denied you will
receive a full refund of your $500 deposit.
2. For cancellations 60 days prior to the start of your retreat there
is a refund all funds paid minus a $250 administration fee.
3. If you cancel 6 weeks prior to the start date for your retreat we
will refund the balance paid on your retreat minus $500 deposit
and $250 administration fee.
4. If you can 30 days prior to retreat you will forfeit your deposit,
the administration fee and receive a 50% refund of the balance
paid for your retreat.