Luz Eterna Retreats is a celebration of of both women leaders and women participants.  We come from all over the world (Europe, Africa, South America, and North America) to share our gifts with each other and with our guests. Each retreat is unique and features a rotating roster of carefully curated women leaders, teachers, guides and of course, YOU!  

Our Community


Jessica Grotfeldt

Retreat Leader, Ceremony guide & facilitator Leader: Sacred Altar Ceremony

Jessica is the founder of Luz Eterna Retreats (Oaxaca) and co founder of Sol Medicine Retreats (Yucatan), a licensed acupuncturist and an experienced ceremony guide.


Parul Kumar

Social Media Coordinator

Parul Kumar discovered the world of natural healing through mediation and plant medicines in 2015. Through her use of breath work to align the chakras, bring balance to the right and left side of the body and ohm chanting to help the energy rise she connected with a deeper level of healing and spirituality.


Magdalena Mölsä aka“Vaskilintu”

Ceremony musician and facilitator: “Ancient voices": singing workshop

Magdalena started her musical journey in the National Opera of Finland at the age of 6 and got re-emerged with music again after visiting South America in 2017.


Danielle aka “Source Alignment”

Ceremony facilitator, Sound Healer Leader: Sound Healing

Danielle is an incredibly skillful and experienced ceremony facilitator and sound healer. Her journey with plant medicines has taken her all over the world.


Mkali Carole Dansi

Ceremony Leader Leader: Ecstatic Dance

African Medecine Woman from West Africa (Inyanga/Sangoma/High Priestess). Holistic Sommelier and Metaphysician.


Valeria Enriquez

Sacred Fire Keeper Leader: Temezcal/Sweatlodge

Sacred fire keeper


Alana Rain

Artist, Altar design and Ceremony support Leader: Psychedelic Art Integration

Alana Collins is an Australian artist and arts therapist whose work is strongly informed by the psychedelic/entheogenic experience.


Claudia Cancino

Vegetarian Chef, and Meditation teacher Leader: Meditation & ALL the yummy nourishment!!

Claudia is co founder of Foro de la Muerte Cafe located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Their moto is to live and die with conscience.