Parul Kumar

Social Media Coordinator

Parul Kumar discovered the world of natural healing through mediation and plant medicines in 2015. Through her use of breath work to align the chakras, bring balance to the right and left side of the body and ohm chanting to help the energy rise she connected with a deeper level of healing and spirituality. Her next steps brought her to an ayahuasca retreat in South America which opened her eyes to the benefits of plant medicines. Today, she wants to help others like herself to discover another path. As the Social Media Coordinator for Luz Eterna Retreat (Oaxaca) - she hopes to provide exposure and awareness to help guide others. She was especially called to Luz Eterna as it provides a safe place for women to utilize sacred medicines to heal lifetimes of trauma. The rising of the Divine Feminine energy for the Collective gives her purpose and belief in this mission of bringing this to as many women as possible.

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