Mkali Carole Dansi

Ceremony Leader Leader: Ecstatic Dance

African Medecine Woman from West Africa (Inyanga/Sangoma/High Priestess). Holistic Sommelier and Metaphysician. ​Reverend, Spiritual Coach, Educator, Table Talk Facilitator, Bodyworker, Energy Worker, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator, Ecstatic Dance Enthusiast. Inheriting a Family spiritual Legacy, M.C was raised and immersed in the religions of the world and spirituality. Daughter, Granddaughter and Great-great grandchild of médecine (Medicine) People on both her maternal and paternal sides, M.C was Chosen to be her family and tribe Medecine Woman. At age 9, she Chose to start her training and At Age 14 became an Initiate. Today well in her forties M.C, is Considered an Elder and Wise Woman by her Tribe.  She has served and touched thousand's of souls and bodies. Globe trotter, Traveling around the globe, invited to learn, observe, educate and exchange rituals and medicines with different tribes, clans, families, traditions and civilizations. When not in extensive travels, MC spends her private moments in Las Vegas with her Husband and 2 children

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