Jessica Grotfeldt

Retreat Leader, Ceremony guide & facilitator Leader: Sacred Altar Ceremony

Jessica is the founder of Luz Eterna Retreats (Oaxaca) and co founder of Sol Medicine Retreats (Yucatan), a licensed acupuncturist and an experienced ceremony guide. Her healing journey with sacred plant medicines and deep love for Mexico inspired her to create specially curated, spirit based medicine retreats for women in the land where the sacramental use of sacred mushrooms or “los ninos santos,” (the saint children) has been in continuous use for millenia. Jessica’s journey with the healing magic of plant medicine began following her father’s diagnosis with cancer. After witnessing the profound effect that traditional medicines such as Mexican curanderismo and acupuncture had in helping him manage the pain and anxiety of end of life care, she obtained a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, her personal experience with entheogens began after a traumatic event ended in her diagnosis with PTSD. Struggling to find effective tools in the western medical paradigm, Jessica journeyed to South America to work with a circle of women shaman where she experienced a profound healing and personal transformation that changed her life forever. In deep gratitude Jessica now dedicates her life’s work and practice to helping others access plant medicine ceremonies as a vital tool to healing trauma and for profound spiritual development. Her motto “Heal Yourself, Heal the World,” is the philosophy that guides her work and Luz Eterna Retreats is her prayer of thanks and hope in these critical times.

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