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Seaside Ceremonies - Puerto Escondido  - January 2020


Seaside Ceremonies brings our international circle of women to the magical Oaxacan coast. Join us as we welcome the new year and  commune with the moon, the sun, the fire and the sea!! Includes 7 nights beachside accommodations w/vegetarian cuisine, 3 sacred plant medicine ceremonies, yoga, meditation, integration workshops, sunsets, hammock time and a deep dive into community, sisterhood and joy! 

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

January 26 - February 2, 2020

Private Groups

If you are looking for a private retreat, we can help you. We require 4 people max. We will take you to a private ceremony with a local Curandera (healer).

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The Benefits of Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

Ritual and ceremony have played a major role in the evolution of human kind. In modern society many of us only have the opportunity to experience ceremony when there are weddings or funerals. However, marking significant events in our lives with ceremony is an important act as we move through the phases of our lives. Learn More.

Our community

Jessica Grofeldt

Jessica Grofeldt

Retreat Leader

Mkali Carole Dansi

Mkali Carole Dansi

Ceremony Leader

Valeria Enriquez

Valeria Enriquez

Sacred Fire & Temazcal Leader

Magdalena Mölsä aka Vaskilintu

Magdalena Mölsä aka Vaskilintu

Shamanic Singer & Facilitator

Danielle aka “Source Alignment”

Danielle aka “Source Alignment”

Ceremony Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

Claudia Cancino

Claudia Cancino

Vegetarian Chef, and Meditation Teacher

Alana Rain

Alana Rain

Art Integration Therapy & Altar Design



"I hope I can return to a future Sol Medicine event as it was one of the most beneficial retreats of my life. Eternally grateful!"

Julie D. 2019

"Jessica is an extraordinary human being. Her openness and skill set are unrivaled and I found her to be an amazing support in and around my plant medicine ceremonies." 

"Had acupuncture and cupping with Jess which helped me with my anxiety about the pending ceremonies. During the ceremony she stayed by my side and I felt secure that she was there. She truly is an earth angel."

Nita M. 2018

Courtney P. 2019